How to resign from dev3?

Hi all,

I would be interested in resigning from being a dev3. A few years back I used to be relatively active and needed dev3 status for doing my stuff. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to contribute anything since and feel like I could not handle any dev3 responsibilities even if I tried. Also, as a dev3, I get quite a lot of notifications from here and there. Maybe I could be demoted from dev3 to dev1 or just a non-dev and start from scratch when I continue working on OpenMRS.

So, how to resign? Couldn’t find anything at Talk or wiki. At the wiki, they do mention that demotion practicalities have not been decided yet:

Thanks! Mikko

Is the problem mostly notifications? :slight_smile:

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@jennifer Could also weigh in on this topic


Dev stage assignments are managed via GitHub teams and Discourse groups.

GitHub notifications

/dev/ teams are automatically assigned to repos, so you can end up with a lot of GitHub notifications when you are on a /dev/ team in GitHub. You should be able to remove yourself from the team.

If you visit, do you see an option to remove yourself from the team?

Discourse (Talk) notifications

Notifications from Discourse (Talk) would rarely, if ever, based on your dev stage. So, while you should be able to remove yourself from the /dev/3 group, doing so would probably have no effect on notifications. If you want to turn off or reduce notifications from Discourse, I’d suggest going into your preferences on OpenMRS Talk and adjusting your settings under the “Emails” section.

Let us know how it goes. If you’re able to remove yourself from the GitHub team and that solves your problem, we can add a tip to that effect to the wiki page.

We’ll look forward to your return to the community in the future when life allows. While life can take you on to other adventures, you’ll always be part of the OpenMRS family. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses, team!

@burke, following your instructions, I managed to remove myself from the Github group. I guess that solves the biggest problem.

The other reason for my question has more to do with “how do you handle these kind of things by the book?” If you think removing myself from the Github group is enough then it’s perfectly ok for me too.

So thanks again and see you later!

p.s. I’m about to give a presentation at work about OpenMRS. I hope someone gets exited and starts contributing.

p.p.s. also nice to see @dkayiwa hasn’t lost any of his quick reflexes and sense of humour. :slight_smile:


Me i want to become a dev3 , @kosmik is asking how to resign :grinning: . Anyway , its good your problem has been solved. :grinning: