How to rename abnormal button to another string


I want to rename the button Abnormal at Observation form e.g. at Vitals. I have checked the concept class “Abnormal” and I have renamed the concept class to something else but after that, the button wasn’t in the form. Does dose anyone know how to rename this button?

@angshuonline ?

This button is an indicator to show whether the value is outside or within Normal range. It cannot be modified at concept level, since it is not controlled by a specific concept. It is a generic Bahmni UI feature.

If I open the Chrome Dev tools for this screen, here is what I see:

This indicates the line of code is here: openmrs-module-bahmniapps/observation.html at 73c79fa53277d9b31dcf20b701a742d55e2049d8 · Bahmni/openmrs-module-bahmniapps · GitHub

The button caption comes from key "OBS_ABNORMAL_TRANSLATE_KEY". This is in this file (english language): openmrs-module-bahmniapps/locale_en.json at f088dba08cb5bac964a18f78cce9b7b3d37d72c4 · Bahmni/openmrs-module-bahmniapps · GitHub

You can try to override by adding a new line in your bahmni_config folder in file, so that your translation is picked up instead of the base translation in Bahmni code: default-config/locale_en.json at master · Bahmni/default-config · GitHub

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Thank you @gsluthra for your comment.

The solution: I have changed the value of OBS_ABNORMAL_TRANSLATE_KEY in the file bahmni_apps/i18n/clinical/locale_en.json and the string value of button Abnormal was changed.


  1. Please note, that since you modified a core file – the next time you upgrade Bahmni UI to a new version, this file will be overwritten and you will see “Abnormal” string again showing up. Do make a list of all such modifications, so that post a Bahmni upgrade, you manually make these changes. And inform your team.

  2. As per Bahmni design, the bahmni_config folder is the place where ideally all implementation specific changes reside, so that when you make a core upgrade, the bahmni_config folder remains as-is, and the new Bahmni EMR picks up the configurations/translations from its linked bahmni_config folder. Please do check if you can add this translation line in the local_en.json in bahmni_config. If that works, then that would be a better solution.

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