how to push my project to github

hello OPENMRS community kindly i am seeking your assistance on how to push my project to git hub so that it can be access for review. thanks

@janie before pushing the changes to github kindly ensure the changes exist by running

  • git status (uncommitted changes are always in red color )

  • git add < file> e.g git add pom.xl (the added file will then change to green color when you run git status)

  • git commit -m" ticket Id + Commit message" e.g git commit -m “TRUNK-324: Go through the TODO items code and create tickets out of them” to commit the changes to the repo.

  • git push to push the changes on the github and make a PR.

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@jwnasambu thanks let me do it.

@jwnasambu kindly i have succeeded in the previous steps but on committing this is the out put;

@janie Try git fetch so that your local repository gets all the new info from Github. It just takes the information about new branches and no actual code. After that, the git commit should work fine.

You basically see the branch, but you don’t have a local copy yet!..

You can simply fetch and then checkout to the branch, use the command below to do that: git fetch "git commit -m" ticket Id + Commit message"

This is how fetch works contrary to pulll

hope it helps

@thembo42 thanks so much. kindly when i run the command this is the out put

i kindly seek for your assistance.

so you’re getting the above output because you’re using git commit -m “TRUNK-324: Go through the TODO items code and create tickets out of them”.

Instead of git commit -m "TRUNK-324: Go through the TODO items code and create tickets out of them".

Always use the format git commit -m "your message"

please refer to this video to have a jumpstart in git → Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course - YouTube `

@mherman22 thanks so much for your assistance. kindly here am stuck.

What are you trying to achieve here?!

@janie Oh sorry! are you available? we can sync for 10min

kindly @janie find time, sync in with at @jwnasambu to pair-program

@thembo42 thanks am trying… though she is at-most fixed…

@janie are you busy now?

@jwnasambu not at all…am here dia

Kindly share the meeting link. I have 15min.

@jwnasambu this is the link

i am so grateful for your support as a community as today for the first time i have successfully pushed my ticket to github for code review and i successfully created a pull request on github concerning the ticket and it is ready for review…feeling so goood…thanks a lot every one for your time…special appriciation for @jwnasambu thanks for your assistance always. may God bless you all.