How to map host OS default-config?

I am using Windows 10 and installed v0.85 using vbox. I cloned default-config in Windows (host OS) from github. Is it possible to make customization (say Registration\app.json etc.) in Windows and point vbox bahmni_config folder to Windows folder?

Hi @ramashish, You can create soft link to the vbox bahmni_config folder from your default-config folder. Please follow this wiki page for the steps.

@ramashish, Can you right click on browser -> inspect and open developer tools to check the error message in Console. And please make sure openmrs is up.

Did you link the correct folder ? Because in the previous screenshot, bahmni_config is shown red in colour.

Why do you have default-config inside default-config? It seems wrong. Link should look like below :

When u do “cd /var/www/bahmni_config && ls -lrt” you should see openmrs, scripts, reports.html,, playbooks etc.

I deleted and reinstalled everything? So it is a fresh installation. Let me state again - I want to work on my config files which are on Windows machine in folder c:\projects\bahmni\default-config so that changes reflect when I view site.

Could you please give me exact command to create soft link?

Please look at this script Modify it according to path of the config folder in your machine.

@sravanthi17 yes it worked. Thank you.

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@sravanthi17 Consider keeping the information about script on So that it will be easier for implementer interested only in configuration through host system,

@ramashish thanks for the suggestion. Temporarily added @ Link local bahmni config folder