How to manage and view the users login details(VAGRANT BOX/CENTOS) ?

hello again, its me again, i have managed to install the vagrant box but then when i boot into the machine centos requires login user name and pass word which i did not create and wonder why its requiring them and then again when the authenctication fails in the cmd and gives me this error message

Hi morena

Can you please check if the following link helps with the issue ?

thank you for your response, but i found the solution. but now i have another issue its as follows:

i have installed bahmni in windows 10, but only the Lab System (OpenELIS) and Bahmni EMR & Clinical UI can be ran, when i click on the ERP System (Odoo) - Billing and Inventory address as documented in the installtion guide this one ( it says This site can’t be reached refused to connect. Search Google for 192 168 8069 ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

please help me out.

Hi morena,

Can you check whether openerp is running or not ? Please run the following command to check the status.

service opnerp status

i do that in termnial opened in the virtual box or cmd?

Please run this command inside virtual box.

its saying unrecognised service, does that meant its not installed?

Please try this: sudo service openerp status sudo service openerp start

If it still says unrecognized service, then yes, seems like openerp isn’t installed. Weird.

yes its still saying unrecognised.

any sugestion how i can resolve this?

Can you please check once whether openerp installed or not ?

thank you i installed it its fine now.