How to make changes in OpenMrs reference app html pages.

Hello There, I want to change the title of OpenMrs Reference App. I am searching for the html pages. Basically I wanted to change the tab title which is showing in following images.

Change this line in file openmrs-module-uicommons/ at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-uicommons · GitHub only title , And may be why would you want to change it in the first case.

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@atiq it looks like you want to change the tab name because you want the product to say “DigiPrescribe” all-around, thus you would not want the tab to still say “OpenMRS…” but probably “DigiPrescribe”. Is that correct?

Would you need to change the favicon too?

@bistenes is this tab-text-customization a use case that our Implementer Tools could handle one day in the future?

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Thanks for your response @sharif, after couple of hour I found the actual file and made changes it works.:blush:

Exactly ! I did the changes and it works. Appreciate your kind response. Thanks

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That would be really helpful.

Good idea! It definitely can and should happen; I just need to work out the best approach.

EDIT: Ticketed,


Awesome, thank you @bistenes! :trophy: