How to login on the issues page

So I’m not being able to login on the issues page as it says I’ve to contact JIRA admins. How to I do that and be able to login. Thanks :smiley:

Hi @bisht13, it will help having a close look at this .

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:.

Just to simplify this for you, You are expected to make a request at the helpdesk as to why you wanna get access to Jira. Add your Openmrs Id in the request and you will be granted access.


@samuel134 hey I created a case on helpdesk. How much time could it take for it to get accepted?

cc: @jwnasambu

Kindly hold on I try to track your case. I will get back to you in a short while.

@bisht13 Basing on the records, you requested permission to access the Jira and wiki which was granted to you. By now you should be able to access those pages. Good luck.

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Thanks for the alert

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Thank you :blush:

welcome: :joy:

@jwnasambu I seem to have same issue as logged on this topic, wrote to helpDesk but not replies yet

Just hold on! It’s usually a team of dedicated volunteers that work on this and not bot servers :wink:

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Kindly working on your issue

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@dbaluku Kindly, did you follow this link and did as step 2 requires?

Thanks I have just done as per the instructions

You should be able to access the jira now.

Thanks so much

Hii, i also created a new case for access to openmrs issue, can someone please take a look into the case. :slight_smile:

Are you able to login now?

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Yes Thank You

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