How to log in to OpenMRS 2 without locations?

I am upgrading from version 1.9.8 to 2.1 running on MySQL and Tomcat (ie. not standalone), and I am having an issue with the login screen after the upgrade. I have no locations configured for login, so I can’t choose one on the login page, and therefore can’t login. Is there a url I can use to access the pre 2.1 login screen that doesn’t require a location? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Stephen,

Hmm, assuming you meant Platform 1.9.8 and OpenMRS 2.1 (two separate products), this is not a valid/direct upgrade path per se.

Scenario A: From Platform 1.9.8 you could upgrade to Platform 1.11.1 (latest).

Scenario B: If you want to start using OpenMRS 2, it’s worth noting that OpenMRS 2.1 (latest until OpenMRS 2.2 launches this month) requires Platform 1.10. In that case, you might be able to upgrade from Platform 1.9.8 to Platform 1.10, then install the OpenMRS 2.1 components from

Is Scenario B what you’re hoping to accomplish?

Sorry… I should have been more clear. Scenario B is exactly what I am trying to do, and I believe I am 90% of the way there. The only issue I have now is the issue I described above with the login. Please note, I did do all the preparation steps described here: , and the logs are clean from what I can see. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Stephen,

I presume you have SQL access to the server. You need to do something like this:

-- pick the location(s) that you want to show up on the login screen
select location_id, name from location; 

-- you need to tag them with this tag
select location_tag_id from location_tag where name = 'Login Location'; 

-- substitute a location_id from the first query and the location_tag_id from the second query
insert into location_tag_map (location_id, location_tag_id) values (:location_id, :location_tag_id)
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Yes, I have SQL access to the sever.

I have only one location with an location_id=1, and only one location_tag with name = ‘Login Location’ and location_tag_id=1. The location_tag_map table already has the appropriate mapping. ie. location_id=1 and location_tag_id=1.

Any other suggestions? Much appreciated btw.


I was able to resolve this. I overlooked the fact that I actually had 2 locations, but 1 was retired. The mapping that was created in the location_tag_map table was using the retired location. I assume this mapping was created when I upgraded to 1.10, but I think ideally the upgrade process should exclude retired locations when creating the mapping. Otherwise you end up being effectively locked out after the upgrade.

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Hi Stephen,

Glad that you figured this out. I was at a loss.

Can you create a ticket for this scenario at!default.jspa (in the TRUNK project)?