How to limit vitals values to critical levels?

In the Vitals form, when entering some vitals like Height and weight, there is an upper and lower constraint limit, which is defined in these concept’s (Height (cm)) Numeric attributes.

I know that the vitals is defined in the reference application module, and coreapps module. But what I want to know is this:

“Is there a way to limit vital’s Height and Weight values for instance to Critical High and Critical low (from their concept’s attributes) instead of the usual Absolute High and Low?”

Thanks for your response and suggestions.

I think this is impossible given the current code.

The vitals form is built on top of the HTML Form Entry module, and that module does not support specifying anything other than the concept’s absolute minimum and maximum as the range for a numeric <obs> field. (See that there are no documented options for what you’re asking for here.)

This is something that could be added to the HTML Form Entry module, if you wanted to build that additional functionality.

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