How to launch UI after installing Bahmni & Virtualbox?

Bahmni User Interface

Question: Hi everyone, am new in opensource and this community of which am trying harder to catchup. I have install virtual-box, git and vagrant as illustrated on the Wiki and have clone the Bahmni software. Am a bit happy, as the Bahmni vagrant box seems to be running fine. I will be happy to learn from this community, how will I get the user interface through the URL on my computer. I am wishing to interact with the Bahmni user interface to better understand and contribute in this community. Am hoping to hear from you and I will highly welcome Mentor support.

Many thanks Alieu

@sesayalieua, some followup questions:

Just to make sure, you used the instructions on this Bahmni Virtual Box wiki page, right? (And, you set it up with Vagrant.)

Do any of the urls given (for the EMR, the Lab System, or the ERP System) work?

Thanks - I have not manage to get access to any though the Bahmni Virtual box is running. I have enter in the host computer URL but no luck.

Did you check the status of the services in the vagrant box? Maybe you can restart the vagrant box once, and then try again to see?

Also, can you please attach a screenshot of your browser after you enter the url:

To restart vagrant the commands are:

vagrant halt vagrant up

#gsluthra please see attached screenshot of my browser. I have restarted vagrant and I could not still figure out what is the issue. I highly appreciated you help. Many thanks

Can you also please attach a screenshot / log of the command line console, when you executed the “vagrant up” command. I would like to see what messages it printed on console.

Thanks for this. see attached screenshot of the command. So far only Openerp (Odoo) have been lunch. thank so much for your support.

Hi @sesayalieua, Do vagrant ssh and check status of the httpd service service httpd status. If it is not running run it using service httpd start.

If it gives any error related to files not found. Try installing bahmni-certs package using yum install bahmni-certs and then run the httpd service using service httpd start.

Thanks for this - it says httpd status unknown due to insufficient privileges and also failed when I try to start the httpd service. Thanks again for your support

You have to run it using sudo service httpd status. If it asks for password type vagrant. Use sudo before all the above commands as mentioned here.

It so amazing I have got Bahmni Services Running! Thank so much guys for your wonderful support. After I ssh into the bahmni vagrant box, I run the command sudo service httpd status but unfortunately for me, only one service, openerp/Odoo, runs. However I uninstalled virtual box and all programs related to virtual box, enable virtualization in the bios, restart and install virtual box and run vagrant up. After which all the services run. Thanks again for this amazing work.

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