How to know the steps to use OpenMRS for my clinical practice?

I have come to know about OpenMRS in some publications regarding open source Electronic Health records. However, I am not able to understand how it works at the application level. I am a clinician and researcher, not much aware of programming languages. Please guide me to use OpemMRS for recording my patient data. Regards

@drnivedita have you looked at Implementer Documentation - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Just opening from the link you send. Let me check. Thanks and regards.

Is OpenMRS is only for organisation purposes or it may be used for personal clinic purposes with not much technical support?

It can be used for clinics, hospitals, and organisations . so when you actually look at you notice we serve over 16M active patients worldwide.

You can actually use it in a clinic without much technical support .

we have different flavors here

and demos at Demo –

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@drnivedita we can begin from here

@drnivedita We currently use non commercial java.

use this OpenJDK: Download and install to install .

Do not use Oracle Java… rather use open source java

We no longer use oracle, because it is commercialized

actually use this link .It has instructions for mac

Okay… … I am trying

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Use this instruction for Mac. then let me know what you get after following the instructions.

Java Installed. Now here it is… Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 6.12.44 PM

drop the whole log at

open your browser at localhost:8081

and tell me what you see

pastebin is new to me

no problem. but did you succeed opening the browser at localhost:8081/openmrs ?

and returning to…

Presently this is the status…

still, I am at the same state and not able to use OpenMRS

Can you share the server side log via

I don’t have pastebin account

Already I have shared the problem in screenshot.