How to know the number of register patient

Hi, please how to know the Total number of register patient in the system. Also i would like to get in the report so when i generate the report i can see the Total register patients.

Thank you

See this:

The demo-lite environment shows this already (Registered Patients Report).

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@gsluthra thank you for your help. i followed what they explained here [ ]. i created registeredPatients.sql File and also the report ‚ÄúRegisteredPatientReport‚ÄĚ in report.json. It is giving me an error message, i do not know maybe i missed a step

Plz check if your report.json file is correctly formatted. Use this:

If it is fine. Then paste its contents here to see. Also check if your SQL has no errors.

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the report.json is correctly formatted, my mistake was the sqlpath. i have changed it works perfectly. Thank you a lot

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