How to keep track of doctors commission fees in OpenERP ?

I’d like to know how I can utilize OpenERP fully in term of doctor commission payouts. Ideally, I’d like to know the breakdown of the commission of a doctor (from consultation / visiting in-patient / operation, etc).

An example:

The consultation fee is USD 100, the USD 60 will go as hospital income while the remaining USD 40 goes to the doctor as a commission fee.

From the above example I try to do it this way

I split the consultation fee to two products, Hospital Fee is USD 60 and the Doctor Fee is USD 40. For Hospital Fee I set the income account to “a hospital income”, while Doctor Fee I set the income account to “a payable doctor fee”. This way once the sale order is confirmed both income and payable accounts are updated correctly.


With this method one doctor will have a lot of payable accounts (consultations / procedures / etc). I still can’t figure out the way of performing payments to the doctor. I tried to setup the doctor as supplier, however the account payable can only be one for each supplier.

Anyone has any ideas on this ? Thanks.

Hi Mustafa, Is this question different from the one that you posed in this post : Sale Commission for Doctor in OpenERP and Bahmni ?

Hi Arjun,

My bad I lost track of what I have posted. Is there a way to delete the earlier one ?

For the product Doctor Fee assuming you are setting Expense Account as “Payable Doctor Fee”.

Have you considered having only one product as “Surgery by Dr. A” and set “Dr. A” as it’s Supplier. Also for this product set “Procurement Method” to “Make To Order”. This way When you sell the product, OpenERP will trigger a draft purchase order to buy the required quantities to the supplier thereby creating appropriate entries. The PO can then be confirmed separately.

This can be done when you are generating Sales Order directly through OpenERP and not “flown” through Bahmni as a part of order as it does not generate auto PO. (Quotation from ERP vs Quotation from Bahmni - Problem in Auto PO Generation)

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Is the expense account “Payable Doctor Fee” in the product is the same account with the payable account of the supplier (Dr. A) ?

This is how my account payable looks like for the supplier

Also why the total payable of supplier is showing negative value ?

Ill post the negative amount as a separate issue. Thanks for the help @ramashish

Assuming you have set the supplier as “Dr. A” for the corresponding Service. The expense account can be based on your choice of Chart of Accounts.

You can also explre