how to join OpenMRS events planning committee

how do I become a part of the committee organising for the conference December conference in Kenya


Consider yourself added! @christine Can you add her to the calls?

thanks @janflowers

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@janflowers I’d like to be a part of this committee too. Could you please outline the roles if possible so I can actively participate? :slight_smile:

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@deb , great news

@deb and @irenyak1 please share with me you skype IDs.

Thank you

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Hi @irenyak1, thank you for joining! There are MANY things to do to prepare for the meeting, that @christine has put into a google spreadsheet as a high-level project plan. Mostly the tasks fall into the areas of logistics planning, fiscal planning (budgets, sponsorships, scholarships, tickets, tshirts, etc), event coordination, hackathon, marketing/social media, and such. The tasks are split and coordinated between the on-the-ground team that is hosting the event, and the OpenMRS community events team. We haven’t assigned roles / persons to the tasks yet, so joining now is great timing. :slight_smile:

Hi @janflowers

Let me know, if there are any chances to get involved there. I’m very happy to take a part :slight_smile:

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Thanks @janflowers for this information. I’m grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the organizers, I believe it is going to be a good learning experience for me.

Hello @christine nice reading from you. My skype ID is ( irene.nyakate1 ) . Thanks.

@suthagar23 , @christine will make sure that you are aware of the meetings and ways to engage. Thanks to everyone for their interest.

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Thanks @janflowers and @christine for the response. am glad to be part on that team

@christine this is my skype id (Kalungi Deborah )

Hi @janflowers and @christine can i be included in this committee? I kindly wish to volunteer.

@christine and @janflowers Just in case you need more people I am ready to offer my service.

@terry @janflowers am also available for any task is vacancies are still available to make the event successful.

Hey @deb, I found three matches in Skype. Please use this link to join:

Hey, there is a skype group interested members can join. Please use this link to join:

Thank you.


Thanks @christine i would like to join this committee but i have an issue with Skype and even joining the link you provided is a challenge. Is there another alternative apart from Skype ?

alright. thanks @christine