How to integrate existing .sql file with Openmrs?

I’m using Bahmni on vagrant installed on Windows 10. I have a database openmrs.sql and want to integrate it with the OpenMRS. I have read the documentation and was unable to figure it out. I’m very new on this platform and databases that’s why I need guidance with simple understandable instructions. Please help me out. @ansghsuman @sarkar2060 @angshuonline @mksrom

Have you tried with the following documentation

Sir these steps are for centOS, I’m using windows 10. I’m using Bahmni through a vagrant box. I tried using the script - mysql -uopenmrs-user -ppassword < database.sql But it showed access denied to openmrs-user to database. I have granted all preveleges to openmrs-user in mysqlcli. Please help me sir. What should I do?

Check this for Connecting to various databases