How to install Openmrs source code for customization and development?

I have installed Eclipse IDE, MySQL and Tomcat.

I want to install OpenMRS source code on my PC and customize the source code to fit local needs.

Where can I get the source code for fresh customization, which enabled me to add modules and modify some form fields from OpenMRS platform?

I’d recommend starting here:

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Adding on what @pascal recommended, Customizing openmrs source code would be easy when you start from creating your first module this also depends on your need, because it gives you a basic mode of architecture of how openmrs as whole works around. Another option when specifically you want to create new forms with in openmrs REFF-APP , this can help you HTML FORM ENTRY REFERENCE thanks.


you can also get a quick feel of openmrs by installing the sdk,

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@sharif, @herbert24 I want to customize OpenMRS source code for a certain hospital.

But I got confused which source code should I have to download and edit using Eclipse IDE.

Do I need to download the openmrs-core-master source code from GitHub?


Is there any other OpenMRS source code to customize easily to fit our local needs?

@rodatabc Great like i said before you customize openmrs source code, you need to first understand which openmrs modules does fit your need, Am very sure for your hospital customization there are some already functionalities you have pinned to customize to fit your needs in openmrs , Are you willing to explain more to us more of your basic functionalities you want to add in your hospital. This will give us a picture of which modules to point to. Take forexample if someone want to create or customize entry forms using openmrs, then we directly go for htmlFormEntry module. if someone wants to create reports, we directly switch to reporting-module. i hope it make some light overview


@herbert24, Is it possible to edit the source code by installing OpenMRS+SDK?

@sharif, For instance, I want to customize pharmacy module to fit local needs.

E.g. editing form fields and adding extra functionalities to the pharmacy module. So, where can I get the source code and how can I edit the code easily.

@rodatabc unfortunately we currently dont have phamacy module on our openmrs-repository, however if your main use case is adding extra functionalities of form fields, you will need to first take a look at this link it teaches how you can customize forms to meet your basic needs.feel free to report back please

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@sharif, I appreciate you kind reply.

I thought pharmacy module is available in OpenMRS platform.

If not, is there any alternative idea to achieve my need, please??

@girma openmrs sdk comes with a bunch of modules which you can always have their code edited

They are a bunch of alternative options to achieve your goals, I Would advise to list all possible ideas and functionalities once again you want to be able to achieve in your pharmacy ,You can use openmrs standalone application as whole because it comes with many different modules with different use case , If you are interested in building or customizing forms, either on registration page, home page or any other place in openmrs, there is alot for you. Have you taken a deep look ,or have you try running openmrs standalone and explore some of its functionalities whether they can be fit for you?

You main ideal is related to forms creating and customizing Forms, if that is so, openmrs was built behind the scenes for end user to be able to customize and built new forms on top of HTMLFORMENTRY module , this comes with openmrs standalone. Take a look at this How is pharmacy managed in OpenMRS

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@rodatabc were yu satisfied of how we reacted to this thread, how fur have you gone

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