How to install Appointments modules in OpenMRS?

Application Name: OpenMRS Version Number: 2.0.1, got error while installing Appointments module. Question: I’m trying to install Appointments module i got error when i try to start after installation!

I installed Appointments module but when i try to start i got an error like this,

Error while trying to start module
Error while running sql: INSERT INTO appointment (patient_id, location_id, provider_id, appointment_date, attended, reason, voided)
				SELECT obs.person_id , obs.location_id, (SELECT user_id FROM users u INNER JOIN person p ON u.person_id=p.person_id
                                            WHERE p.person_id=enc.provider_id) ,
                       CAST(obs.value_datetime AS DATE), FALSE ,
                	(SELECT ob.obs_id FROM obs ob INNER JOIN encounter enc ON enc.encounter_id = ob.encounter_id
		            WHERE ob.voided = FALSE AND ob.concept_id = 6189 GROUP BY obs.person_id),
					FALSE FROM obs INNER JOIN encounter enc ON enc.encounter_id = obs.encounter_id
 				INNER JOIN person per ON obs.person_id = per.person_id WHERE obs.voided = FALSE AND per.dead = FALSE
 				AND per.voided= FALSE AND obs.concept_id = 5096 AND obs.encounter_id IS NOT NULL ORDER BY obs.value_datetime DESC . Message: Unknown column 'enc.provider_id' in 'where clause'

Can anyone help me to install Appointments module?


Hi @kiranraju,

Same issue is found in this Thread. If you see the data model of OpenMRS has evolved to have encounter_provider table. Can you tell us your OpenMRS, Appointment Module version?

And i think you should use Appointment scheduling module not Appointments module.