how to install all components of opermrs

hello, i have installed mysql and tomchar how can i connect them with openmrs and which other software will i need to have full functioning opermrs system .

pliz help i would like to start coding

have you got a chance to look at this

yes, i install it but i would like to know how to get its coding platform and which language i can use

Would first suggest you first install openmrs using sdk and make it run on your machine as suggested above, then you can start exploiting more deeply about languages. this may also be of help /chapter: Creating-Your-First-Module / OpenMRS Developers Guide let us know if you get any blocker

ok thanks, but i try to install openmrs standalone it refused what can i do

What refused ,feel free to always find everything on talk by creating a talk thread can you share what refused please

when i extract and try to run openmrs standalone-2.3.1 it does not show me anything what can i do

What is openmrs standalone 2.3.1 can you take a screenshot and share it please

@nyyesigahenry can you detail us more of your intended action?

I want to have full functioning openmrs system