How to install a system that looks like OpenMRS Demo?

Hello, I have been learning this day about this software and I have already installed

I admin panel OpenMRS, but want it to be exactly as seen in the demo shown here

The system at is OpenMRS 2.2, which can be downloaded at

Is that what you installed, or did you install something like our Platform product from that page?

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In addition to what @michael said, if you also want an example setup (e.g. it includes the Amani Hospital, the doctor, nurse, and clerk users, and some demo patients), then make sure you also have the referencedemodata module installed. (Get it from here: .)

(It’s possible this module is already included in the OpenMRS 2.2 download, I haven’t checked.)

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Perfect Thanks very much… i see that

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not working perfectly when i install openMRS in local system its come only Legacy Page it not show which view i want saw in demo version

@santosh1986, the “Reference Demo Data” module only provides the demo data. I.e. it’s something you would add on top of the Reference Application.

Make sure that you are downloading and installing the OpenMRS Reference Application (and not the OpenMRS Platform).