How to Host OpenMRS Meetings: Proposing draft Community Convention around meetings (Now LIVE)

Dear Community Members,

After hearing feedback from different people about meetings they found helpful (and the fact that so many people have so many more meetings these days now that much more work is virtual), I’d like to humbly propose we establish some simple, short guidelines on how to run community meetings, as well as some simple suggestions for mentors to consider to help make 1:1’s effective.

Here is a short draft started based on feedback from @jennifer and @dkayiwa - feedback welcome! Ideally it would be a bit shorter than this. Please add comments or feedback here or in the doc within the next week, and then we can bring it forward to the PM Team and Documentation Teams for approval. We can always update it over time as well.

@herbert24 @burke @ibacher @jdick @mseaton @gcliff @mozzy @sharif


we will be implementing this for the pm and documentation calls moving forward


Added some suggestions @grace. Thanks for spearheading this!

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Now live at

Thanks for all the feedback - let’s move forward with clearly stating our GOALS and ACTIONS/TODO’s clearly in all our calls!


well done @grace

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