How to give only start OPD visit/close visit permission to a user without edit patient permission?

Dear Concern, We are running bahmni software in some projects. Where we need to give some specific permission to the specific users for security reasons.

We are facing some problem in some places that registration clerk usually edits the patients demographic information which sometimes causes serious problems, even police cases.

We want to give some specific users to “Edit Patient” privilege. Besides, we want to give “Add Patient” privilege to registration clerks along with Starting OPD visit and closing visit permission.

We are not being able to give the clerks to access to “Start OPD Visit” without “Edit Patient” privilege, but we don’t want them to edit any patient information after registration.

In these circumstances, how we can give the registration clerk permission to start opd visit without editing any demographic information of a registered patient???

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Hi, Is there any further progress developed?