How to get started with Micro-front End (Newbie)

hello everyone ! !, iam new here and very pleased to join OpenMRS that i have heard about it before. I am a beginner in programming. I am so passionate and determined to learn programming so i kindly requesting for guidance of where to go next so that i can meet my goal.

I have been following the wiki document about getting started as an OpenMRS developer.

I would like to contribute to micro-front ends since i am better off in JavaScript than Java

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Hello @denywiryk welcome to the community! In openMRS we basically use java as a core programming language though we have a microfrontends sqaud doing react. You can follow this link to get started Guide for the New and Curious - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

I would also advise you to introduce yourself to the community here

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@denywiryk Welcome to the community and we look forward to your contribution. Am so glad you have identified a project of your interest since its close to the language you are familiar with. Have you got a chance to look at project guide on this link? it’s unfortunate I can’t be of much help for now am a bit down with fever but I believe other community members can be of help.

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@gracebish, @settix , @lumuchris256, @irenyak1 @isamanya kindly your help @denywiryk is paramount.


@jwnasambu May you be healed in Jesus’ name. @denywiryk please try here: OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki as @jwnasambu has already directed you. However, you will have to be patient and courageous. Nothing is impossible.

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@denywiryk I hope you’ve been exploring the links that everyone has shared. The one that @jwnasambu and @settix shared with you will help you get to know our Frontend project & Squad. It also includes a link to an excellent 3.x Frontend Developer’s Guide that I highly recommend. It will make getting to know and working with the squad easier.

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yes madam ,thank you @jennifer , also @ndacyayisenga ,@jwnasambu, and @settix thank you so much for your help ,atleast i have moved a step…

thank you sir @settix , i believe all will be well …!