How to get retired concepts via REST request?

I’m currently creating concept search page:

There is “show Retired” checkbox option on original search page. I’d like to implement that function, but my REST request “/concept/?v=full&q=test” returns all concepts that names starts with ‘test’ and are not retired (which can be seen in response json object’s boolean field named “retired”).

The question is: How can I get those retired concepts along with not-retired ones?

Here is response from “/concept/?v=full&q=test”:

First, to answer your question, you should be able to add an includeAll=true query parameter.

That said, please don’t replicate the “show Retired” checkbox, which is not great UX. My suggestion is that when searching for a concept you always include retired concepts in the search, but you sort the results so that the retired ones are at the end of the list, and they are displayed with a strikethrough.

Something like this in the Manage Locations page:

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Thats exactly what I were looking for, I’ll make changes with Your specs, thanks! :slight_smile: