How to get camera option on observation form while using openmrs on desktop

@angshuonline @sravanthi17 @jinal @darius @ramashish @akhilmalhotra @gcliff @suthagar23 @jennifer @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @Hello, I want to get camera option when select upload image option in observation form during accessing openmrs from desktop. While doing R & D we found that when we access openmrs via mobile you will get two options on observation form either upload image from camera or from your device. But when you access openmrs from desktop you will not get any camera option on observation form.

Hey am trying to understand your interest, so you want the option of uploading the image via camera, i think you didnot eraborate it very clearly. Your aim is to take a picture using camera and upload it right!Why would you upload image in observation form when there is no option for that.currently that option isnot supported standalone


@angshuonline @sravanthi17 @jinal @darius @ramashish @akhilmalhotra @gcliff @suthagar23 @jennifer @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @sharif @terry @michael @janflowers

can you see “upload your file” icon , so when we browsing this web page on mobile and click on it it opens camera . but when we browsing this page on desktop it does not open any camera. It acts like normal upload file button which allows us to upload image from our directory. Now we want this functionality on desktop too

Sure am on right track now, where are you doing this functionality, is it your own module ?

No. It is standard observation form of bahmni/openmrs

That implies that, that fix should be done in standard observation form in bahmni . As well you know bahmni is and extension of openmrs so we may not have that functionality .cc.@dkayiwa @darius

this how it looks like while you brows it from mobile

this is when you click on upload icon you get camera option

Hey, I want this feature too.

I have to scan all of the old medical record, and put in patient document. It would be great if it can directly access to camera, It will be faster compare to scan document with scanner, rename the file, and upload it in patient document.