How to get Bahmni standard with fresh database with concepts (no patients, visits/encounters )

Hello , Myself an orthopaedic surgeon trying to implement bahmni-standard in our 3 doctor hospital with 10 beds. My main requirements are EMR and PACS. While i appreciate the team for the demo database that comes with bahmni standard, I would really like to know how to get a fresh database with prefilled concepts. So following is what i basically tried the following given for bahmni lite - thread

  1. Cloned bahmni-standard docker, ran with default config.
  2. Edited .env file inside bahmni-docker/bahmni-standard.
  3. change “OPENMRS_DB_IMAGE_NAME=bahmni/openmrs-db:demo-mysql8.0” to “OPENMRS_DB_IMAGE_NAME=mysql:5.7”
  4. Change OPENMRS_DB_CREATE_TABLES to true
  5. Comment configuration_checksums in docker-compose.yml
  6. reset docker via option 8 in and then start all services.

Now i am able to start afresh - But all the concepts are missing . I went down the other route also - loading standard and then trying to delete patients and location as such, met with Database constraints will be violated errors.

Can someone help me out please? Its over ten days and google is not helping much either. Thanks.

Hi Kavin, thanks for choosing to try out Bahmni. Let me loop in the relevant technical people here who should be able to help you.

@angshuonline @mohant your help would be really appreciated.

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Hello @kavinsync We are working on the metadata configuration for Bahmni Standard with CIEL dictionary. The release is planned soon which should help you get started with a fresh environment.

Thank you @mohant , Thats great . Any time estimate on this release, if i may ask?

Meanwhile, any workarounds? I came across and tried this repository Standard-config. I cloned and tried to use it in place of default-config. I got the drugs and other concepts , still lacking some , incl. Nutritional and vital concepts in registration form.