How to get a list of all GitHub open pull requests


You once shared something that lists all open pull requests under openmrs on github. Can you remind me what it was? Or does any one else have such a tool? :smile:

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You can get it via a Github REST APIs Details here:


Put this on the search box: is:open is:pr user:openmrs

With url format:✓&q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+user%3Aopenmrs


Lluis, that is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks man!!! :slight_smile:

Yousef, thanks too for the alternative! :slight_smile:

Sorry for taking so long to respond…

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Hahahaha. Though it gives me a blank page. :slight_smile: But anyway, i ended up using what Lluis suggested: is:open is:pr user:openmrs

BTW the url to list all PRs is also mentioned here

Try reloading it at the original URL (removing any “/#/…” added by Angular). It needs OAuth to GitHub (just access to public information on your behalf), since anonymous calls are rate limited. If you still can’t get it to work, let me know what error(s) you’re seeing in Chrome’s console.

While github’s list is good for day-to-day use, the Angular app adds a few bits, like average lifespan of pull requests shown and highlights pull requests with unanswered comments (i.e., last comment by person who submitted the pull request), which may be helpful in curating.

Please leave the id dashboard PR alone :slight_smile:

Also, @burke, you inspire me…you’re brilliant!