How to fix a build failure on the PR that is building locally.

@dkayiwa just a follow-up on my question during the PM call on how to fix a build failure that is building locally but after making the PR it fails. I have been working on this ticket of which locally it builds pretty well and the reverse is true when I make a PR. After having a keen look at the builds, I realised the error is originating from the unit tests is it prudent for me to fix the error now or I wait until the issue is merged.

You would need to first fix the error, or at least confirm that the build failure is caused by something else other than your changes, before the pull request can get merged.

Thanks so so much! The struggle continues.

I agree with @dkayiwa

Sometimes the upstream build can fail due to server side. Rerunning the building plan manually can make things right however, this requires some one who has a push privilege to the module. You can reach out to those who have this privilege to re-run the build plan for your PR!

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Thanks so much for the enlighten I have already done so after ensuring I haven’t updated any dependency. Am so so blessed to learn some thing new.

Did you request someone with the privilege to re-run your PR build plan?

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@kdaud yes I did it!

@kdaud I have finally fixed the build failure. @ibacher helped me realise I had data-testid="switch-source" assigned to several elements yet I needed only one.

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