How to fetch last viewed patients via RESTful API?


I want to fetch last viewed patients from the server, like when we go to Find Patient Record in the demo server web client here:

REST documentation is not mentioning this but the project I am working with uses this:

However, it just returns an empty list. Is there another query parameter other than lastviewed ?

EDIT: I’ve submitted a ticket for this:

@abertnamanya Any ideas?

Here is the logic which was used to query the last viewed patients in the coreapps, openmrs-module-emrapi/ at df9979bb44293738a1ce4fb08f1426edee7fb0cf · openmrs/openmrs-module-emrapi · GitHub . Went through the Rest Module I can’t see the same logic to query the last viewed.

If it’s not implemented and there is no alternative we could have it as one of patient’s query parameters.

CC: @dkayiwa Please advise


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@abertnamanya you are correct. We do not have a REST API for the last viewed patients.

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So, in the core app, last viewed patients are retrieved from a user object, do we save these patients locally as there is no API for this ? If you can refer me to User class I’d appreciate it :pray:

It’s a yes and No, newly interacted patients go to user_property table, this enables one to easily view the recent patient he/she has registered into the system even before search through the database.

Best solution is to get heads up for the creation of the ticket to handle this in the patient rest-end point

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Got it. Thanks @abertnamanya

@salahoamro would it be enough for you to just do something like this?

@dkayiwa Yes, but with UUIDs of patients because Android Client has its own ids for patients, and only uses UUIDs for communicating with the server.

The ticket concerning this issue: