How to extend user options

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to add some user options for the radiology module, therefore I added a portlet containing the radiology options to the userForm.jsp by using the extensionPoint. But how can I save the options to the database? I can’t extend the OptionsFormController since this controller already handles the form submission and on the portlet controller I’m not receiving the form data.

Thanks for your help! optionsForm.jsp

What are the exact new user options that you are adding?

Some UI settings, for example which radiology dashboard tab is opened by default after login.

Is there any reason you can’t implement the options as user properties instead?

I thought that’s the way to store user properties?

@domsch you are right. I think we put an extension point for only displaying these custom user properties but never put the ability to save them.

Okay. Thank you for clarifying it.