How to export concepts into the initializer concepts csv format?

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Hi All,

I’m currently using the openmrs-module-initializer module to import concepts at startup. I would like to know if there’s any investigation in exporting concepts into the initializer’s concepts csv format, or some kind of conversion from the metadata-sharing xml format or bahmni csv uploader format.

Thanks, Laura

Hi @lauravignoli,

This is an excellent point!

We are having this discussion internally with @lilian. It’s not an absolute priority for us right now, but it’s something we also would like to get developed eventually. Would you be in a position to contribute in that direction?

We had formulated our requirement rather along the lines of producing Iniz-friendly CSVs right out of metadata living in the current instance. But plugging it to MDS also makes sense, happy to discuss this further.

Cc @bistenes

Hi Dimitri,

Glad to hear there’s interest in this functionality. I will have to discuss with the team if this can be added to our roadmap and contribute towards it. Otherwise, we might have to extract it manually from the db in some way.

I’ll let you know the outcome.

Thanks! Laura

Just my two cents: exporting Iniz-friendly CSVs from a running instance seems like the versatile and future-proof way of doing this. It’s implicitly conversion from MDS, MDD, manual dictionary management, and whatever other ways people contrive to load concepts into servers.

It seems very likely that this could be done in a MySQL script.

See Initializer to download existing concepts as a ready CSV file