How to enter lab services given to patient in openMRS GUI

Hi there! i can add diagnostics in visit_note section but i need to enter other services provided to patient such as lab test (e.g Blood test, X-Ray, etc …). I am not able to see any option in openMRS where i can enter such details.

@gcliff please look into this

@meullah The easiest way to do that would be to build a form using the htmlformentry module which ideally is behind the scenes for the capture of vitals , visit notes …the idea behind is that those are obs… You could start by looking here otherwise you may just leaverage the rest API to save the obs… Nice coding

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@reagan Thanks

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hello @meullah

adding onto what @reagan has said ,some of the diagnoses that you wan tot add to the patient like X-rays are complex obs and you might want to make use of the attachment module to capture the x-ray image on a patient, i believe the blood tests and their results are captured as concepts in form of obs

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hi @gcliff i just want to store ICD-10 codes for the lab service given to patient like i might want to store a code for X-RAY, blood test or other tests

@meullah if i have gotten you well, then for codes for the various tests to be store in the system then they have to be registered in the concept dictionary…

Is this shading some light on what you want to achieve

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Thanks @gcliff i will definitely look into this.