How to edit Patient Registration page addresses, remove Death info etc

Hello, there are several questions about Patient Registration page editing and I have read those but can’t find info how to remove fields like “Gram Panchayat” and edit the names as we would wish. I do not need any pre-filled different cities, so I didn’t find the csv upload option useful.

I also would like to get rid of Death information, and from other info things like land holding, family income etc. These are not in the app.json in which I found some fields that I wanted to remove.

why would you want to remove those fields?? Do you think they are not necessary?

Quite a few of the fields come from “Patient Attributes” schema of OpenMRS. You will need to log into OpenMRS, and from “Admin” screen, edit the Patient Attributes.

Please follow the documentation to hide the death information section

All these are person attributes which can be configured to show/hide from Openmrs Administration UI as @gsluthra mentioned. Please follow the documentation to remove person attributes

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Thanks a lot for the answers! I got the Death info away by adding to the concept name number “2”. So, then it is wrongly configured and won’t show. The reason why it was taken away is that I’m molding this registration form for a clinic that doesn’t take care of General Practise things. This type of information is not needed if you are a special doctor like for gynecology, eyes, ears, nutrition etc. If there is a general doctor need, the clinic will send the patient for a hospital (So, it’s like scary to have Death information if you are just talking with your patient treating psychiatric matters).

I also got the land owning info, debt, class etc away. Thanks for those tips! I looked those before but didn’t know how to remove them (“retire”). Those info would be illegal to collect from people in Europe. Thus it is needed to take away.

I still didn’t find where it comes “Gram Panchayat”, “Tehsil”… I do not see them in any person attributes. I was looking the address mapping feature but I do not need to populate any city list either… I would just like to have the Street address, Postal Code, City and Country (this one is missing at the moment).

Thanks a lot in advance!

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These are address fields and you can configure them from Openmrs Administration UI. Log into Openmrs Go to Administration Click on Manage Address Hierarchy. This is where you see the address fields.

Follow this documentation to change the existing fields name and mapping to your requirement.

So, there is no other way than collect some cities around the world in the CSV file and get it done like that? I can’t just say that I want Street, Postal Code, City, Country…?

In the “Manage Address Hierarchy” in Openmrs there is only the field “House No., Street” with possibility of DELETE. I looked that already before when reading this exact documentation page but I couldn’t find how to delete the other fields.

You can only delete the fields that doesn’t have data. If your requirement is to have completely different fields, then why didn’t you start with the fresh database without any data. I guess you are having demo database.

Yes. I agree with Sravanthi. This small trick can help you clean up the data easily. You can do that by Overriding with your csv file having your data. Then you can delete the existing “Gram Panchayat”, “Tehsil” fields. Create a sample csv file with your country name(one field is enough). In Openmrs->Admin->Manage Address Hierarchy page, under Upload Address Hierarchy section,

  • Choose the sample csv file you created,
  • Choose delimiter as space (“ “)
  • Check the box "Overwrite Existing Hierarchy”
  • Upload.

Sravanthi, to answer your question: Because of the Appointment module not working otherwise we made with Bindu what was needed, thus the demo data was there and definitely didn’t want to start that process from the scratch. :wink:

I managed to delete some of the fields (always the last one can be deleted on the list) and only these were left: City, Tehsil, Disctrict and State.

I’ll try with CSV by having only the header row of it.

I got the address mapping working. I will input some test data now. Is the system “learning” from the addresses that I’ll input, so will it remember automatically more data after correct entries? Or is it so that all addresses must be mapped via csv in order the system to remember?

Is there any harm if I remove “Name in Local Languages”?

It looks like “retiring” Name in Local Languages doesn’t harm anything.

I noted that I can’t get Finnish names like “Päivi” or “Yrjö” validated, and I think it is due to special characters. Anybody knows how to change the validation field in order to accept those?

You can add validations to the fields on registration page, refer fieldValidation section under app.json config object Reference example where validation is added for “givenName”

Yes, I know those documentation pages but just were wondering if there is any shortcut to accept Scandinavian characters or should I just list all possible, also hyphen, maybe apostrophs?

e.g. /^[a-zA-Z-_ ’’‘æÁÀÂÄǍĂĀÃÅǺĆĊĈČÇĎÉÈĖÊËĚĔĒáàâäǎăāãåæćċĉčçéèėêëěĕNŃN̈ŇÑŅŊÓÒÔÖǑŎÕØǾĥḥħıíìiîïǐĭīĩįńn̈ňñņŋóòôöǒŏōõőøǿŔŘŖŚŜŠÚÙÛÜǓŬŪŨŲỤÝỲŶŸỸƳŹŻŽẒŕřśŝšşșṣßúùûüǔŭūũűůẃẁŵẅýỳŷÿȳỹƴżžẓ]

With the above I actually get it through the validation but the system complains this in a red box:

Error: [ngRepeat:dupes]{"%24%24hashKey"%3A"object%3A176"%2C"relationshipType"%3A{"uuid"%3A"03ecf59a-4c7a-11e5-9192-080027b662ec"}%2C"personB"%3A{"display"%3A"PO"%2C"uuid"%3A"8064039e-19a4-4f8e-86f7-abdab789e62d"}%2C"endDate"%3Anull}names[0].givenName: GivenName.invalid Copy Error

Hi generare,

Are you still facing the above issue ? It happens because angular tries to render the relationships on the ui before even saving the data. However, this issue is fixed in 0.83 version.

Hello Padmavati, yes, sure, great to know. I need to look in that case if there is any guidance in the documents what is the best way to upgrade a version (haven’t done that yet before) in order to keep the settings and info in the system.

Hello @generare. Thanks to @sravanthi17, we have uploaded a YouTube video playlist that shows how to perform various configurations on Registration Screen of Bahmni. We plan to add some more videos to the playlist around Address Hierarchy, and Print card button, etc. Until then, here is the link: