How to download & use OpenMRS 2.3 Modules?


I need to download “OpenMRS 2.3 Modules & data”. But when i click on that button (which is in image) sourceforge is showing that result Please guide me how can i get these files, and please guide me where to unzip these files in openmrs project.

Thank You

Regards Ahmed Mahmood

@ahmedkhak Hello :slight_smile:

Did you first go to and click on that button which you posted above?

If yes, it should then take you to sourceforge openmrs account, where you can get into the releases folder and click on OpenMRS 2.3 to download the two zip’s.

I just tried and was able to download both of them. Let us know if this process is still not working for you.

Thank you for letting us know :smiley:

Okay so i just downloaded “”, and what now ? I mean i installed openmrs on my local windows machine and its UI is like that in image

I need user interface like openmrs demo. I just opened “”, and there are “omod” files in it, my question is how can i update openmrs ?

I am sorry for that type of questions cause I am JAVA beginner, and am stucked badly :grin:

Dear @ahmedkhak, If you log into your OpenMRS, click Administration, Module Properties. It will then say where the modules are stored at.

For example on my implementation on Ubuntu Linux… Modules stored in /var/lib/OpenMRS/modules

So, unzip and copy (just the OMOD) files into the folder mentioned there. Ensure the user that runs Tomcat has permissions to the files after you copy them there.

After you’ve copied the files, just restart Tomcat, and you should have the OpenMRS 2.3 user interface.

Hope this helps!

I copied files there, but after tomcat restart tomcat stuck and nothing happens