How to display data dynamically captured

Hi all, I have a form for data entry, some sections of the form are cloned and several similar information is captured. Issue comes when you want to display all the data captured including the dynamic fields, these are never displayed. How can I make sure all the fields added are also displayed along with the data

We have no idea which form you’re using.Can you provide details with screenshots.

Hi…this is a form that I created myself…e.g contact two field is a clone of contact 1 added by a click of a button. as shown below. After enetring the data, when you view you can view information of contact 1 and not 2. how can I ensure information of contact 2, 3 etc is also displayed?

Did you get a chance to look at this?<excludeIf>

This does not seem to help me, my fields are hidden and displayed using javascript…based on a given preceding answer. On view I would like these dynaimc fields displayed. Is this possible?