How to deploy war file to vagrant installation of bahmni or rpm based installation

Application Name: Bahmni Version Number: 0.91

Question: i generated the war file from openerp-atomfeed-service. I want to deploy this to Vagrant Based Bahmni Installation as well as rpm based Bahmni Installation. My stupid question is how do i deploy this war file to vagrant based bahmni install as well as rpm based bahmni install?

Which path and how do i need to copy/deploy this to in case of Vagrant based installation as well as rpm based installation?

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I havent heard from anybody.can anybody in openmrs/bahmni team help??


Hi, I just replied you on the other thread. Request you not to raise duplicate threads for the same/relevant issue.

@angshuonline sorry about the duplicate queries. thanks a lot for your reply.Appreciate it!! I will try what you suggested in here.