How to delete data from (Address Hierarchy)

Hello everyone … I need to delete all the addresses and carry the addresses of my country … only that by mistake 52 unwanted rows were loaded and now I can no longer delete



We can delete the unwanted rows which were mistakenly added in your Address Hierarchy with following steps.

We need to re-upload the “Address Hierarchy csv” with option “Overwrite Existing Hierarchy” should be marked as “checked”. This step will delete your existing address hierarchy and add new address hierarchy.

After creating a CSV, visit OpenMRS > Administration > Manage Address Hierarchy page to upload it.

Steps to follow:

  • Select the CSV file to upload
  • Delimiter (regex format): ‘,’ (without quotes)
  • User-Generated Id Delimiter (regex format): leave as blank
  • Overwrite Existing Hierarchy : As we have an existing address hierarchy that needs to be replaced, then it should be marked as “checked”. .
  • Click Upload

I think your problem will be solved with above steps.

For more details please refer Bahmni wik