How to Delete an ID?

I want one of my ID to be deleted from the community. I had not known yet how to recover a password to OpenMrs ID, so when I lost my password to the older account I opened up a new ID but I feel the old one should be eliminated from the community. Advise needed

Don’t worry too much, at least for now. If you really feel strongly about deleting it (e.g. ‘right to be forgotten’), I can certainly take steps to delete most of that.

But it’s a little bit tricky, to the point I’d just allow it to be left there.

Alright , But I wish to have only one active ID with OpenMrs

@cintiadr, The account that I would wish to be deleted is in the names of @daudkakumirizi17

@odusabimana I also noticed that you’ve got two IDs across OpenMRS infra:

  1. @odusabimana
  2. @diokey

Wouldn’t you wish for the same steps to be taken in regards to the second ID listed above?

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Those are somebody else ID’s. Mine are

  1. @daudkakumirizi17
  2. kdaud

Of which I want ID number 1. 1. @daudkakumirizi17 to be eliminated if possible

Yes, I exclusively use @odusabimana now. I would like to delete @diokey

@mksd, @cintiad, waiting for your help in this issue. I see even @odusabimana has the same concern