How to Delete an ID?

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(Kakumirizi Daud) #1

I want one of my ID to be deleted from the community. I had not known yet how to recover a password to OpenMrs ID, so when I lost my password to the older account I opened up a new ID but I feel the old one should be eliminated from the community. Advise needed

(Cintia Del Rio) #2

Don’t worry too much, at least for now. If you really feel strongly about deleting it (e.g. ‘right to be forgotten’), I can certainly take steps to delete most of that.

But it’s a little bit tricky, to the point I’d just allow it to be left there.

(Kakumirizi Daud) #3

Alright , But I wish to have only one active ID with OpenMrs

(Kakumirizi Daud) #4

@cintiadr, The account that I would wish to be deleted is in the names of @daudkakumirizi17

(Dimitri R) #5

@odusabimana I also noticed that you’ve got two IDs across OpenMRS infra:

  1. @odusabimana
  2. @diokey

Wouldn’t you wish for the same steps to be taken in regards to the second ID listed above?

(Kakumirizi Daud) #6

Those are somebody else ID’s. Mine are

  1. @daudkakumirizi17
  2. kdaud

Of which I want ID number 1. 1. @daudkakumirizi17 to be eliminated if possible

(Olivier Dusabimana) #7

Yes, I exclusively use @odusabimana now. I would like to delete @diokey

(Kakumirizi Daud) #8

@mksd, @cintiad, waiting for your help in this issue. I see even @odusabimana has the same concern