How to delete a session

Hi, I am using Angular 7 to develop the front-end. I am facing issue in deleting the session ID. I tried following Client API guide but I am unable to delete the session id.

I tried calling “/openmrs/ws/rest/v1/session/” with delete method. Is this the correct way? or I need to pass other resources with it?

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Do you want to share a snippet of what you are doing here or at

This is to fetch session.

This is to delete the session

Does it work if you use this interface?


in postman you need to send current session token in cookie if it’s not present in Delete Request. It deletes the Session you don’t get any response but your cookie value gets changed in response and then calling other ApIs will says user not Logged in. Until you gets authenticated by calling get with authentication basic where your token gets updated in the cookie

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Thanks @vankineenitawrun It is working.