How to debug code while debugging tests in IntelliJ?

I am developing some tests for Condition Service in FHIR module.

I am using Intellij IDEA. I debugged the tests using mvn clean install -Dmaven.surefire.debug command. How can I debug the code while debugging tests. Is there any port to be set in any of configuration file?

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It worked now. I think my code was not synked. We can debug the code by setting remote debugging with the default port 5005 and building with command mvn clean inall -Dmaven.surefire.debug

It’s regarding the unit tests right? So you can just go to a particular unit test and debug. Intellij IDEA is supporting it :slight_smile:

Yes. It was supporting. :slight_smile: But it didn’t support till I raise this in the mail thread. :slight_smile: My bad. May be I have done some thing else before. However it worked smoothly with Intellij.