how to create our own patientHeader from scratch

Hello experts ,I wanted to create my own patientHeader can some one help me how do i do that. i had made patientheader.gsp page and a controller with and included this fragement in my page but as soon as i test it . it gives an error of no controller or view found for patientheader.

Does it help if you rename the gsp to patientHeader?

@dkayiwa yes i tried it but its not working

@dkayiwa any guesses whts wrongs i created the patientheader exactly in our module as of core app.

Is your module on github such that we can take a look at it?

branch name is aniket#issue40(EditButton) @dkayiwa

After installing this module, what url should i access to reproduce the problem?

the url in the screenshot i.e /intelehealth/

@aniket did you eventually figure this out?

no @dkayiwa got any clues?

For troubleshooting purposes, does this error still happen when you remove this line?