How to create a simple Hello World module

Can someone help me or guide me on how to create modules in openmrs and expose it to Bahmni.I am not able to find any proper documentation regarding the development of modules

@krishnanspace, this should help you get started:

Thanks a lot!But when I tried to search for the department or file,its not available in my directory.Also once I have the Apache Tomcat server running,how do I turn it off?

By the way, did you get a chance to look at this?

Yes I followed that.Its working! But can you help me in understanding how the basicexample module works?Like what gets called first,how is the .gsp page displayed?I know Spring MVC on a basic level,but not able to understand the OpenMRS implementation of Spring.Please help me

Did you get a chance to look at this?

@krishnanspace I’m sorry that we haven’t done a great job of answering your original question, which is about how to get started writing a module for Bahmni. Please post a new message on the #software:bahmni category, and I’ll try to get people to give you more guidance about how to get started specifically for Bahmni.

The general idea is that you’d use an OpenMRS module to create any necessary domain objects and REST endpoints, but that you would not create a UI an in OpenMRS module (so, don’t mess around with GSPs or UI Framework). You would build a UI in either AngularJS 1 (like what’s done in the openmrs-module-bahmniapps repo) or perhaps in ReactJS in an OWA (which @binduak is prototyping now and can share a link to).

Actually, I suggest that you reach out to @mjsanish and see if you can follow along with the work he’s doing (and possibly contribute to it) because it’s a good example of both adding a back-end REST API, and a ReactJS front-end, in order to add an independent (administrative) UI component to Bahmni.

Thanks a lot!!!