How to create a OpenMRS OWA in ReactJS?

I want to generate a new ReactJS Open Web Application(OWA) for OpenMRS. How can I do that? cc: @beingtmk

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These are the two repositories using which you can generate a OWA according to the need,

  1. Minimalistic Template - Template with comes with openmrs-react-components installed & configured
  2. Example Template - Components Showcase Template

Detailed Instruction are given in the Readme of the repositories!

Pre-requisites :

  1. node
  2. create-react-app
  3. A distribution of OpenMRS Server

Here is the gist, say you want to generate a template named “test-app” with minimal configuration with cra,

you will use the below command:

npx create-react-app test-app --scripts-version openmrs-react-scripts

Important : After this is done you will have to set up a .env file which provides the appropriate server variables given below.

  1. REACT_APP_SERVER_ADDRESS=[OpenMRS Server Address Goes Here]
  2. REACT_APP_SERVER_CONTEXT_PATH=[OpenMRS Server Context Path Goes Here]

Once this is done you can just start up the app with,

npm start

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