How to create a new app for Bahmni UI?

I am trying to customize the Bahmni UI by adding an extra section, let’s say as department same as the clinical, admin, Patient Document apps.

I added the codes in app.json, extension.json of default-config. I also added an extra department folder in the openmrs-module-bahmniapps and added the required angularJS codes. But building the files and linking the dist folder to the /var/www/bahmniapps gives 404 error for that particular link that I wanted to add. What are the steps or the folders and repositories that I need to look at if I have to add or customize the Bahmni UI?

This was caused due to not using the angular or jQuery dependencies properly, which failed to build the files into the dist folder. Fixing the errors solved the issue.

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@sam1220 Can you please make thread as “solved”. Thanks !