How to correct link in wiki 'Developer How-To Setup And Use Eclipse'?


The link Instructions for setting up the OpenMRS SDK can be found here. on page

Developer How-To Setup And Use Eclipse

points to a wrong location. The correct URL should probably be I don’t see a way to edit the wiki. Also I wonder where I should be creating this topic. Please kindly give me directions as I am new at OpenMRS.



@farndt u need to first log into the wiki page with your JIRA credentials in order to access the edit button

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@farndt try ou the above step!!

@gcliff I tried to but it didn’t work. I found that

If you previously accessed the wiki/JIRA – you still have access. Otherwise, new OpenMRS IDs recently created after 13 June 2016, please contact the Help Desk to request access to the wiki for edit/write access. You can browse anonymously. Please explain why you need access. We are now manually granting edit/write access to the wiki to prevent spam.

I’m too new:-(

OpenMRS Helpdesk stating you’d like to contribute and would like edit access to Wiki and JIRA. Because of spammers, we must require this extra step before you can edit wiki pages or make any changes to JIRA tickets

@farndt u can reach out to the help desk

Access has been granted and link is corrected. :smiley:


bravo :+1:

awesome to hear