how to connect Java to openmrs-standalone file

Hi, I apologize for asking such a basic question, but hopefully the answer will be easy. I have installed the standalone OpenMRS on a desktop and a laptop successfully in the past week so I do know a small bit about it, but now I am having problems when trying on someone else’s laptop. I downloaded, and after extracting all files from the Zip folder, saw that the “openmrs-standalone” file was of type “WinRAR archive” instead of “Executable Jar File”. So I realized that the laptop didn’t have Java and installed Java (v8) and also checked the Windows version which is Windows 10 Home. I also restarted the computer just in case it mattered. Now when I right click on “openmrs-standalone” and Open with Java ™ Platform SE binary, nothing happens whatsoever. There is no error message. Does anyone know what is going on and what I should do? Thank you.

  • Melissa

Which version of the openmrs standalone did you download onto that computer?

This one (copied from Reference Application 2.7.0 Standalone Edition 292.2 MB at · Released 20-Dec-2017 Linux, Mac OS X, Windows · Release Notes

Recommended for new people exploring OpenMRS. A self-contained ZIP archive that includes an embedded database and application server, as well the option to install demo data for sample patients. Expand the ZIP archive and run the .jar file to start the Reference Application. Log in with username: admin, password: Admin123.

This is not intended for production use.

Download Standalone (button)

On command prompt, change to the directory of the extracted standalone and type this command:

java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar

Then tell us what happens.

I don’t have this laptop with me now, unfortunately, but I will try your suggestion tomorrow afternoon when I have access again. Will let you know, thank you!

Daniel, Your suggestion worked!! Thank you VERY MUCH! We’ll be exploring the demo and then move on to the next step. Until my next question, Melissa