How to confirm I succesfully changed bahmni_password_hash?

I’m unable to login to https://localhost/bahmni/home/index.html#/login with either the default bahmni_support credentials, or the ones I have created. I’d like to confirm that I have successfully changed the credentials. Below are details of what I’ve done.

I have tried to login to https://localhost/bahmni/home/index.html#/login with the default bahmni_support username and password, but was unable. For the password I tried the following, not knowing what it wanted, and none worked:

  • p@ssw0rd
  • $1$SomeSalt$/jbIwfYCu0MxPBND2EtRH
  • jbIwfYCu0MxPBND2EtRH

So I tried to change the password by doing the following, restarting openmrs (sudo service openmrs restart) and tried to login using the password, the salt/password, and the salted password, none of which worked.

I did python -c 'import crypt; print crypt.mksalt()', took the output and ran python -c 'import crypt; print crypt.crypt("REDACTED_PW", "REDACTED_SALT"). I then pasted the entire output into setup.yml, like so (please note that the output I have pasted here is using a fake password and salt, just for demo purposes)

bahmni_password_hash: $6$4TCRGuLMCuc2ivYk$Imrn.vkuR4TY6mDaw6Fj4zRgIHxhLII3H1ynLPXUQv2EUG4uxam86tV4OrkArn5sx6Sw1xWWAAnKtGs4KbbjA0

So how do I confirm that

“bahmni_support” is not a login user at all. Its a no-login user for the env where you have installed Bahmni, and has no login credentials to any functional system.

If you want to create an application user, then you should create a user, who is a person and a provider from openmrs (/openmrs/) admin console.

With default installation, you should login using “superman” with default password (See bahmni WIKI for default user/password for openmrs, lab, erp and radiology systems) and change 1) the default password of such admin users 2) create additional accounts for your actual users.

Thanks for the reply, but it must have some function otherwise it wouldn’t exist, plus the documentation says I should change the default value. So my question still stands, how do I confirm that I’ve changed the default value for bahmni_password_hash?

And now I have another question from your answer, what is the purpose of bahmni_support? If it doesn’t log someone in to OpenMRS, what does it give them access to?

“bahmni_support” is used for provisioning. Using that user that you can ssh to the system as that user. You should change the password for bahmni_support for that purpose.

Thanks, that’s helpful, if I have time I’ll try to edit the docs to explain that. I just sshed into the server using the old credentials, confirming that I did not successfully change them. What other steps do I need to do to successfully change the credentials? Do I need to restart the server?

This is no different from changing password of a system user.

login as the root user (or someone who has sudo access), and

passwd bahmni_support


sudo passwd bahmni_support

Follow the simple prompted steps!