How to configure Mirth to detect OpenMRS trigger events?

OpenMRS Version: I have installed OpenMRS Standalone 2.2 version.

Question: I understand that OpenMRS sends a trigger event when a new patient is created. How can I configure mirth connect to detect this event and read the Patient Id segment from the HL7 message?

When a patient is registered, this triggers an event in the Event module.

You can see the code where the message is sent here. (You’ll need to cross-reference with the constants here.)

You can read about how to subscribe to the event here.

@darius Thanks for providing the relevant links! I had a few more doubts! I could see the event module in the appdata of my OpenMRS installation. Do I need to install the event module again? Also, how can I detect the patient module event…do I need to modify the event module to subscribe to the event ?


I suggest that you ask for help on the OpenMRS IRC channel, or else join the OpenMRS University call tomorrow (mentioned elsewhere on this forum, and on the wiki page).

@darius: Will do that! Thanks!