How to configure/Handle Dental and Maternity Departments in Bahmni or openmrs

Question: Hey guys am new to this platform so bear with me, How can I Add Dental and Maternity Departments to Bahmni or Openmrs

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You mean to say “Specific functionality” for these “Specialities”?

Bahmni does not have specific functional module for specialities as such. You can obviously create a specific distribution which has been adopted/configured/customized for a speciality. (TB through the endTB program was such a case).

Thanks @angshuonline will look into it

@angshuonline any suggestion, is there an optional way (Ie using dental forms and maternity forms) instead of module for Departments, Kindly bear with me am new to bamni, have just installed bahmni and right now trying to understand

Some thoughts

  1. You can create specific forms - dental, maternity
  2. Use programs features - Maternity ANC, PNC works well. For Dental, I am not sure.
  • We have a feature request for tagging “forms to program stages” (not build yet, but may figure in upcoming release)
  1. Each user can then pin the forms based on their work. So these would be shown up by default.

Thanks checking it out