How to choose a good first issue

@iamsr since I am new to open sourcing, can you help me with choosing good first issue. I have programming experience using c++ and elementary experience in python. I have currently started learning Java also. It would be of great help!

@vedantbharti did you get a chance to look at this

It’s showing “502 bad gateway error”. Please help.

the server seems to be down,will let you know when its up again

Sure. Thank You!

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Feel free to take a look at tickets Labeled intro with complexity Low

looking for one. Can you help me with understanding an issue as I am not able to understand them. How to proceed so that I am able to understand an issue?

@vedantbharti its on now

How to unassign an issue that I have assigned to myself?

@vedantbharti this link would be helpful and for understanding the structure see this link.

Thanks! Will look into it.

Can I work on windows or it necessarily requires linux.

use any of your choice

any can work but usually Linux is better for a dev enviroment

Hey @vedantbharti! As @sharif mentioned, do take a look at tickets labeled intro and have the complexity as low. This link searches for such unassigned issues.