How to change UI styling of OpenMRS 2.2?

I have openmrs 2.2 standalone version installed on a Windows system. Could you please tell me how I could change the logo? “/openmrs-standalone/ms/uiframework/resource/referenceapplication/images/openMrsLogo.png” How can I access this image and change it? I am not able to view the ms folder…wehre can I find it?

Thnaks, Sowmya.

I have the enterprise edition installed and would like to change the UI styling as well. Please help me how can I use the custom branding module to reflect the new logo and property files.

If the current module doesn’t work is there a hack that I can use to achieve the functionality.

Thank you

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Hi @sba370, Same problem for me. Don’t know if you’ve found a proper way to change the logo yet, but if yes, let me know what it is.

It looks like the logo is located in 3 different places:

So I guess we would need to fork UI Commons module in order to display client’s logo.

To anyone who has done that before, is that the correct/only way to do ?

Overriding the login screen can be done as mentioned here.

There is a built-in way to change the logo in the header, so you do not need to fork uicommons. See this FAQ.

(Note the comment that this may require fixing RA-461 first.)

Thanks @darius